Structured Cabling

Ensuring that your office and network infrastructure align with the dynamic needs of your growing business

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The best protection is a smarter defense

Experience a transformation in your workspace with our structured cabling team, dedicated to ensuring that your office and network infrastructure align with the dynamic needs of your growing business. We provide scalable network solutions, seamlessly integrating additional cable drops for both new and existing facilities, ensuring your network infrastructure evolves with your business.

Key Features

The key features of our Structured Cabling solutions:
Optimize connectivity
Strategically update wireless access point locations for comprehensive coverage, ensuring a seamless and reliable wireless experience.
Enhanced Security Measures
Safeguard your assets with our expert team. We follow NIST guidelines and BICSI standards, providing optimized security through the installation or relocation of security cameras, access points, and network hardware.
Efficient and Responsive Infrastructure
Experience a more efficient and responsive infrastructure through our insightful assessments. We offer heat maps and comprehensive network analyses, laying the groundwork for a finely tuned system that aligns precisely with your business needs.
Cutting-Edge Technological Integration
Stay ahead in technology with RTG. Committed to the seamless integration of cutting-edge solutions, we create a dynamic ecosystem capable of handling diverse data, audio, and video demands.
Client-Focused Collaboration
Your success is our mission. Through client-focused collaboration, we blend your insights with technical expertise to craft networking solutions finely tuned to elevate your business operations.
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