At RTG, our leadership is dedicated to innovation, excellence, and meeting the evolving mission requirements of federal agencies. Our team comprises BICSI, PMI, UX Designers, Defense Master Logisticians, and Network Engineers, ensuring a diverse skill set. With over 100 years of proven DoD experience, we excel in securing communications at the highest levels. Our 17+ years of Special Ops focus uniquely position us to deliver cutting-edge Special Operations Communications Solutions to the DoD.

'The best protection is a smarter defense'

Integrated security solutions refer to comprehensive approaches that combine various security technologies and systems to create a unified and interconnected security infrastructure. Instead of relying on individual, standalone security measures, integrated security solutions aim to coordinate and consolidate different elements to enhance overall effectiveness. These solutions often involve the convergence of technologies such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, alarm systems, and more.

Executive Team

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